Unleash your talent and that of your child with a Crayola® Crayon Colored Art Room, complete with its own, one-of-a-kind chalkboard wall designed by you. With Benjamin Moore Studio FinishesTM Black or MagnamagicTM Tintable Chalkboard Paint, a child's room, playroom, or family room can become an art room that feeds bursts of creativity and imagination.

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Walls, floors (or floor cloths), and tabletops can be transformed into chalkboards on which you can draw and play games.

A basic white room can be instantly transformed into an art room with Crayola® Crayon Colored Chalkboard Paint; no special primers or sealants are needed, just apply Crayola® Crayon Colored Chalkboard Paint right from the can onto a variety of surfaces, including walls (plaster, drywall, or even paneling), floor surfaces (concrete
Crayola® Painting Sponges add the details

Floor cloth and tabletop chalkboards
and wood), and tabletops (wood and laminate). For our art room, an assortment of painting sponges were used as accents, alphabet, numbers, and dinosaurs. Sponge stamps can be purchased in a variety of shapes, covering a range of subjects or you can create your own "exclusive" stamps by: 1) photocopying the subject (you can have it enlarged or scaled down on most copiers), 2) glue photocopy to cardboard; 3) glue cardboard to upholstery foam, allow to dry 4) cut out the photocopy subject from the upholstery foam with a utility knife. Voila! the first in your stamp collection.

Several variations can be considered, including a different color for the room's base coat; varying the size and placement of the chalkboard on the wall; creating more than one chalkboard per room (we did: on the wall, floor, cloth, and tabletop), or wainscot the room and turn the lower portion of the wall area into a chalkboard.

Once the placement and size has been determined use low-tack painter's tape and mask off the area that is to become your chalkboard. Roll, or brush, the Chalkboard Paint and remove the tape border.

Friendly note: Remove tape immediately after painting. Do not wait until the paint is dry or you run the risk of lifting off the dried paint on the edges of the tape. This same method is used for all surfaces. For best results, follow the instructions on the Chalkboard Paint Label.
carousel red orange caution lollipop parrot green sailboat purple dinosaur cerulean blue green
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